Fireplace Companion set and pokers

Kiss Curl, the fireside companion set has three tools for the fireplace, a brush, spade and poker. The design features a little ‘kiss curl’ on the handles of the tools and on the base of the stand, with a more elaborate curl on the top of the brush. This is a natural finish, but has been coated with a natural furniture wax for protection. Kiss Curl stands approximately 60 cm high and is 20cm wide. This design is only available as a companion set.

There are four styles of fireplace pokers, Snail, Frond, Wiggle and Ratty, all of them are approximately 45 cm long, and have a natural finish protected with a natural wax.

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Hot Metal Works T-shirts

These high quality T shirts have a small copper logo in the middle of the chest on the front and a large copper logo on the back. Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

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